Throughout our experience, we have produced together with our team of professionals 133 publications and materials for children of indigenous peoples, methodological guides for the pedagogical work of teachers and the dissemination of the culture of different peoples.


We have promoted several innovations in the initial teacher training process that have implied significant changes in the teacher profile and in the organization of the national curriculum. These changes have materialized in the design of three curricular guidelines for EIB teacher training in the specialty of primary education and one for the specialty of intercultural initial education.


We have published books on research on the culture of the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon, as well as educational materials in Spanish and in nine indigenous languages.


Our institutional magazine Kuúmu, a term taken from the Bora language, which is used to refer to the “manguaré”, a percussion instrument that is used for communication in some Amazonian indigenous peoples. It has 22 editions making the Intercultural Bilingual Education visible in the Peruvian Amazon.