Our alliances

From the creation of the Formabiap to the present, a large number of cooperation organizations, committed to the rights of indigenous peoples and the need to develop Intercultural Bilingual Education (IBE) in the schools of their communities, have collaborated in solidarity.

Among them Terra Nuova (Italy), Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation-AECID, Association for Cooperation with the South Las Segovias -ACSUR (Spain), Memorial Stromme Foundation (Norway), FAFO (Norway), Interchurch Organization for Cooperation al Desarrollo - ICO (Netherlands), Nouvelle Planete (Switzerland), IBIS Cooperation (Denmark), OXFAM NOVIB (Netherlands), UNICEF, NORAD (Norway), alternative Exchange with indigenous peoples (Barcelona, Spain), Axis (Denmark), INTERNATIONAL WORK GROUP FOR INDIGENOUS AFFAIRS DIVERSIA- IWGIA DIVERSIA (Barcelona, Spain), Liechtenstein Service Foundation for Development- LED (Liechtenstein), Climate Alliance (Germany) and PROIDE Foundation, Desenvolupament Promotion (Spain).

Our gratitude to each of them has been reflected in the transparent and timely management of the funds and complying with the proposed goals to develop and position the IBE, promote knowledge of Amazonian culture and languages, and the exercise of indigenous rights.

Organizations that currently support us with funding:

The Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) founded in 1965. It carries out bilateral development cooperation on behalf of the government of Liechtenstein. It supports initiatives in education and rural development in countries of Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. She is very interested in contributing to social justice, the advancement and participation of women and the protection of the environment in all activities.

It is a Swiss non-profit organization created in 1986, supports initiatives of people living in rural areas of Africa, Asia and Latin America to improve their living conditions and make them more independent, while protecting their environment, achieving a greater incidence in the development of the towns.

Fundación PROIDE, is an NGO born in 1992 that is part of the La Salle Catalonia schools and works to earn quotas of social justice through quality education for all. They work to guarantee the right to education in African and Latin American countries to provide educational opportunities to indigenous youth, a group historically excluded from development opportunities.

Partner organizations:

It is a collective organization that researches, promotes and protects equitable, inclusive, interrelated and abundant systems of life. I work in three branches: permaculture, intercultural education and human rights and nature through a positivist approach, oriented to solutions and in support of a movement whose principle is the affirmation of life in the Amazon.
It is a non-profit Civil Association that carries out activities in the field of audiovisual production, dissemination and training, aimed at strengthening identity, social and cultural values. It is made up of a group of filmmakers, audiovisual communicators and cultural managers committed to promoting cinema as a tool for the cultural and educational development of the country and the region.

It is a non-profit association that promotes education for "Good Living" and a culture of peace in the Andean provinces of Peru.